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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Moderation, slight growth ahead for new housing starts in Canada

The pace of new homebuilding in Canada will pick up later this year and even more so next year, says the country’s national housing agency, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Total housing starts for the year 2013 will be lower in all provinces than in 2012, but CMHC predicts that they will trend “slightly higher” by next year. While housing activity will vary across the country, with some regions seeing declines and others growth, the overall outlook is for slow and steady growth. Resale housing markets across the country have already begun to rebound following the slowdown that occurred mid-2012; so far this year, sales, listings and prices have all ... Read More »

Development charges on new construction could double in Toronto

Last month, Metrolinx, the crown agency that oversees transit in the GTA, proposed a relatively modest 15 per cent increase in development charges as one of its “revenue tools” for funding transit expansion in the region. That increase would bring in an additional $100 million, the Metrolinx report said. The building industry was quick to denounce the proposal, saying it would only make housing less affordable, considering that those development charges are passed on to the end user. Now we learn that the City of Toronto is considering raising those development charges all on its own, and the increases being proposed would be far greater than what Metrolinx proposed. The ... Read More »

How are condo buyers protected in case of occupancy delays?

The main advantages of buying a pre-construction condo are that you usually get a better price when you buy at the beginning, and you get to choose to some extent the finishes that your unit will have. For some, there’s the added kick of knowing that no one else has ever lived in their home before. But if you can’t handle the fact that when you buy a pre-construction condo you will have to wait three or four years before you actually move in, you should buy something else. How certain can you be about the time you’ll have to wait until your condo is complete, and how are you ... Read More »

Wood proponents see buildings 40 storeys high

The proposition is startlingly obvious in its simplicity: the earth grows our food, and the earth should grow our homes. The man proposing this is Vancouver architect Michael Green, who says that in the last hundred years or so we have “forgotten” what we used to know about building with wood. For centuries, wood was a mainstay of construction. People erected large wooden buildings all over the world; many of them, centuries old today, are still standing. Green believes that mankind is at a crossroads in its development, in terms of how we build our housing. One path leads to more of the same, with concrete and steel buildings continuing ... Read More »

IKEA and UN unveil new shelter concept for refugees

It’s a story of one of the world’s biggest private companies and biggest NGOs coming together to tackle one of the world’s biggest problems. Challenged by the United Nations to come up with a better form of housing for millions of refugees around the world, Sweden’s home furnishings giant IKEA has produced a prototype shelter that is now testing in African refugee camps. If the shelter works as well as its designers hope it will, the design will be made available to other companies for production and commercialization. They could start deploying by early next year. It seems a natural fit: a company with decades of experience creating modular, relatively ... Read More »

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