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Monthly Archives: May 2013

New York condo declares itself smoke free in landmark case

Last week a New York City condo building declared itself smoke free. This probably wouldn’t have made news elsewhere except for the fact that it’s the biggest condominium complex (650 units) in the United States so far to achieve this status. A majority of the unit owners at Manhattan’s Zeckendorf Towers voted to transition their building to smoke free. The move puts the building in the company of just a handful of condominiums whose owners have voted to transition to smoke-free status. It was significant that the owners voted to ban smoking themselves rather than wait for the city or other government body to impose smoke-free status on them, a ... Read More »

Home renovations on the rise in Canada and US

There’s good news for the home renovations industry, especially for Atlanta-based Home Depot, which operates more than 2,500 stores in Canada the United States, and Mexico. The company reported that its first-quarter net income rose 18 per cent. For the first time since 2008, Reuters reported, sales to contractors and housing professionals were higher than sales to ordinary do-it-yourself homeowners, a further sign that the housing market in the US is recovering. During the financial crisis of 2007–2009, Home Depot saw its sales drop more than 20 per cent in markets such as Florida and California. Home Depot, which calls itself the “world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer,” earned more ... Read More »

It’s Victoria Day, go see the pandas

There’s one thing to do this Victoria Day weekend that we can guarantee you haven’t done before in Toronto—not a fireworks display, though there are several of those, not a parade or a reenactment of some important historical event. This is truly unique for this city. Tomorrow, May 18, is the official opening of the giant panda exhibit at the Toronto Zoo. The big friendly bears made a splash in the media a couple of months ago when they arrived on a FedEx plane from China, greeted by none other than the prime minister and China’s ambassador to Canada. It was all very friendly, even heart-warming, seeing the roly-poly pandas, ... Read More »

First sustainability standard for home washing machines

The main industry group representing appliance manufacturers in the US and Canada, together with a pair of advocacy groups for sustainability, has announced the first sustainability standard for clothes washing machines. The new standard from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), CSA Group, and UL (Underwriters Laboratories), is intended to help consumers, retailers, and manufacturers, identify “environmentally preferable” washing machines. AHAM 7003-2013/CSA SPE-7003-13/UL 7003, Sustainability Standard for Household Clothes Washers, identifies the environmental impacts of clothes washers in six key areas: materials, manufacturing and operations, energy and water consumption during use, end-of-life, consumables, and innovation. AHAM says that the standard will serve as an “objective and practical measurement tool” ... Read More »

Historic Williamsburg colours bring history into the home

You don’t have to live in a grand colonial American home to enjoy the look of that historic period. If a little painting is on for you this spring or summer, and if you are a bit of a history buff as well, it might interest you to know that Benjamin Moore has just introduced a new line of 144 colours called the Williamsburg Collection. The paint company says that the colours in the new palette are based on those that were used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  A release announcing the new line of house paint colours says that the “amazing, accurate” colours are as stylish today as ... Read More »

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