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Monthly Archives: April 2013

B.O.L.T. fundraiser brings in $175,000 for youth programs

One of Toronto’s most successful and high-profile condominium builders, Tridel, came up with a unique way of addressing the shortage of skilled construction trades workers, while providing opportunities for “marginalized” or disadvantaged youth, many of them wards of Children’s Aid. Tridel, in partnership with the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto and the Children’s Aid Foundation, set up a foundation called B.O.L.T. (Building Opportunities for Life Today) in 2009, and through it reaches out to youth who, for financial reasons, are at risk of missing out on a chance to get ahead. One of the main outreach programs B.O.L.T. runs is the annual Day of Discovery. Youth with an interest in ... Read More »

Tridel named Home Builder of the Year at BILD awards

Tridel took the top honour at this year’s BILD Pinnacle Awards, being named Home Builder of the Year. The Building Industry and Land Development association presented its annual awards for design, construction, sales and marketing at a gala event on Friday, April 26. More than 1,100 industry professionals attended the event. Awards were given to the GTA’s best in 48 categories, ranging from advertising to architectural design and community building. Tridel was given the prestigious Home Builder of the Year award for its focus on “quality, superior customer service, innovation and commitment to green building, industry leadership and partnerships, and contributions to the community,” according to a release from BILD. The ... Read More »

Tarion could change warranty coverage to include condo conversions

In 2012, the Condo Information Centre submitted a wide-ranging list of “absolutely necessary” changes it wants included in revisions to the Condominium Act. One of these is providing warranty coverage for purchasers of condo conversions. Tarion, the corporation whose mandate it is to protect “Ontario’s new home buyers” by providing warranty coverage, has until now excluded condo conversions from its coverage, saying that these kinds of buildings are not really “new.”  Now it appears that this shortcoming could be rectified. Tarion is studying the issue of extending warranty coverage to condo conversions. The conversion market is small in Ontario, covering around just 1 or 2 per cent of the condo ... Read More »

Home for life: advice on age-proofing your home from CMHC

Canada’s national housing agency, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, wants Canadians to think about a home as a place where you can spend your entire life, a place where the space around you literally changes and adapts as your needs change. Rather than moving from place to place as you go through the various stages of life—student, young and married, parent, empty nester and older adult—CMHC is championing what it calls FlexHousing. FlexHousing, the agency says, is an approach to designing homes that are “versatile and flexible, and can be adapted to meet the varying and changing needs of a household.” The concept is not new: CMHC developed its “new ... Read More »

Is this the year you go LED?

Wherever you go these days, you see businesses switching their lighting systems from old-fashioned incandescent or harsh fluorescent to bright and shiny new LEDs. The local supermarket, the office where you work, the train station, restaurant or department store—all of these businesses are seeing the benefits of this rapidly developing technology. The light produced by LED bulbs is brighter and warmer and more focused than ever before, and business owners love the savings to their energy bills. But what about consumers? Are consumers embracing this technology for their home lighting? Soon we will have no choice but to replace the old, inefficient energy-consuming incandescent bulbs which have been in use ... Read More »

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