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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Study finds discrimination against women by mortgage lenders

“Female mortgage applicants are less likely to have their loans originated than are male mortgage applicants.” This is the shocking conclusion of a new study done by the Woodstock Institute, a US non-profit research group that advocates for a “just financial system.” This latest study, carried out in the Chicago area, found that female mortgage applicants are discriminated against, and are much less likely to have their loans “originated,” i.e., approved, than are men. And this holds true, the study shows, across all racial categories, though it is most pronounced for African American women. The study takes into account the underlying reality in American society that women are financially disadvantaged, ... Read More »

Skyscraper competition attracts weird and wonderful designs

The online architecture magazine eVolo has announced the winners of its 2013 Skyscraper Competition. From a field of 625 entries from 83 countries, the jury picked three winners and 24 honourable mentions. As usual, they push the boundaries of architecture through their fantastical use of technology, materials and aesthetics. The entries, in some cases, barely qualify as “serious” architecture, being closer to science fiction. However, as eVolo says, the ideas expressed in the winners “challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments.” That is certainly true. The participants should take into consideration the advances in technology, the exploration of sustainable systems, and ... Read More »

A good time to buy a home, if you’re ready

The day after TD Economics released a report in which it forecasts fairly modest long-term rates of return on Canadian real estate, a story appeared in the Toronto Star about a “frenzy” around a fixer-upper in the Junction. The Star reports that the house has a leaky roof and needs major renovations, yet it has attracted nearly three hundred potential buyers. The fact that the house, listed for $419,900, needs $200,000 in work has not deterred buyers. Bids will be accepted next Monday. You can’t generalize about the housing market from a single house, of course, but this Junction property certainly highlights the problem of under supply in the single-family ... Read More »

Toronto home prices will out-perform national average: TD

For those homebuyers who think of a home primarily as an investment, one that brings more or less guaranteed returns that are significantly higher than can be realized in cash, bonds or equities markets, the latest forecasts by the TD Economics group may not be what they want to hear. The TD report predicts a “long-run” rate of increase for home prices in Canada of 3.5 per cent beyond 2015. This rate is “moderately” lower than the 5.4 per cent increase that has been the historical norm (1980–2012). However, forecasting for the next decade, and taking into account a “string of lacklustre performances” over the next ten years, the bank ... Read More »

Live large in small spaces, the Life Edited message

Graham Hill, the founder of Treehugger and Life Edited, says that his specially designed New York apartment packs more than a thousand square feet of functionality into just 420 square feet of actual space. As you can see in the video tour of his apartment, he is not exaggerating. The secret is smart design and technology, with plenty of multi-functional furniture that folds and tucks away into the beautifully designed storage spaces throughout the apartment. Everything has a function, everything has a place. Nothing is left to chance. There is no clutter. It’s a lifestyle that requires a certain commitment to make it work, but when it works, it works ... Read More »

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