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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Condo board bore heavy cost of thwarting owners’ will

When condo owners put themselves forward for election to their community’s board of directors, they are probably motivated, at least in part, by a genuine desire to ensure that the rules and regulations of the community are upheld and enforced fairly, for the good of the community at large. That is the primary function of a board: to manage the affairs of the condo corporation and make sure it carries out its obligations. Given that most of us are more likely to take the attitude that “someone else will take care of it,” we are fortunate that in any given community there always seem to be a few who relish ... Read More »

Accounting firm: widespread fraud in construction business

There’s widespread, even rampant, fraud in the construction industry. Hearing these words causes about as much shock as hearing that pop stars have a tendency to abuse drugs and alcohol. The average response is likely to be: no kidding. We tend to think in stereotypes, after all. But what you may not have considered is the fact that often the construction company is itself the victim of fraud, not the perpetrator. It’s a very complex, multi-layered business, with plenty of opportunity for deceit at every level. The forensic accounting firm of Nagel and Associates wrote about construction fraud last June and concluded by stating that “greed continues to be one ... Read More »

Housing market stable, less volatile: CREA

As expected, the Canadian Real Estate Association says that housing sales in 2013 will be lower than they were in 2012 but sees no reason for undue concern. Sales activity will be slightly lower, CREA now projects, than previously thought, but the market has remained balanced and prices stable. Low interest rates will continue to support sales activity and  prices this year and next. The drop-off in sales activity following last summer’s mortgage changes has been greater than anticipated in some markets, but sales are expected to improve later this year, as economic growth resumes. CREA is now calling for sales of 441,500 units in 2013, a decline of 2.9 ... Read More »

Tridel’s Ten York nominated for BILD Project of the Year

The Building and Land Development Association (BILD) announced the finalists for this year’s BILD Awards and as usual they provide a good representation of the many exciting residential building projects underway in Toronto, and the great architects, interior designers, planners, landscape designers, marketing and sales people who work very hard to make them happen. In addition to a number of “Best of” awards given to builders and industry personalities for their contribution to the homebuilding industry over the entire year, awards are given in two broad categories: high rise and low rise. Within these two categories, a project can be nominated in a number of design and marketing categories. One ... Read More »

Shabby chic, opulence are cool at French Bedroom Company

Shabby chic has always been cool, but one of the coolest places to get it is The French Bedroom Company, the UK-based online boutique that specializes in the style. Its self-proclaimed “ethos” is to offer French furniture that “exudes elegance and injects overstated beauty and sassy, playful style” into your home. And that sass has won them many fans. The store was recently added to the growing list of CoolBrands in the UK. Getting on that list means winning a couple of thousand votes from consumers, as well as those of design experts. From the ornate French style, all rococo swirls and gilt, to simple shabby chic, the French Bedroom ... Read More »

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