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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Some of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods for condos

A local television news item last night left an impression. The story concerned (again) the Toronto condo market, this time from the perspective of the residents who live in them. One man said he was worried that with all the construction going on we’d end up with “a forest of condo towers and nothing to do.” His concern, in other words, was that there’ll be a lot of buildings with a lot of people living in them—a lot of neighbours—but no neighbourhood. The concept of neighbourhood is one that has been studied a great deal. One of the key elements of a successful neighbourhood is convenient access to services and ... Read More »

Retailers expecting a good Valentine’s Day

Men give more than women, and Canadians are cheapskates compared to Americans. Two things we have learned as this Valentine’s Day season comes to its climax tomorrow. Valentine’s Day, that most contrived and commercial of love “holidays,” when US men intend to spend on average $175.61. Women in the States will spend about half of that. The National Retail Federation (US) is predicting a Valentine’s Day spend of about $18.6 billion this year, up from last year. But in this country, the Retail Council of Canada says, the average household will spend only $37 on Valentine’s Day gifts. That’s per household! How cheap are we? The same Retail Council survey found ... Read More »

With interest rates staying low, homebuyers can save on their mortgages

Economic news in Canada in the past few days has not been entirely uplifting, what with a slight increase in the jobless rate. However there is one bright spot, and it’s a significant one for homeowners and those who are planning to buy in the near term. Interest rates are still low. The prime rate in Canada is 3.0 per cent, and has been for the last 27 months. And this is good news for mortgage holders, especially those with variable-rate mortgages. The Bank of Canada said in its last statement on the subject that any rise in interest rates would be “less imminent” than they had previously anticipated. This ... Read More »

Tridel’s TRIO at Atria makes Grand Opening this weekend

For most home buyers these days, affordability is number 1 on the list of requirements when searching for a new home. And right up there next to it is convenience. After all, there’s not much point in getting a good deal on a place if you feel isolated and have to commute two hours a day to get to work. Tridel’s master-planned condominium community known as Atria takes care of these two issues very neatly. TRIO at Atria, the newest member of the Tridel Dorsay condominium community launched in 2011, is about to make its debut.  Situated on Sheppard Avenue East, just east of Fairview Mall, TRIO is on the route ... Read More »

Generation X author designs traditional Japanese furniture

Whether you have read him or even heard of him, you know his biggest contribution to the culture, the term (meme) Generation X. Perhaps you belong to it, in which case, Coupland, in a way, has named you. The words were part of the title of a novel he wrote more than twenty years ago (full title: Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture). But Coupland, who lives in Vancouver, spent four years studying at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in that city long before he found fame as an author. In fact, the writing was originally intended to be a way to pay the bills while ... Read More »

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