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Monthly Archives: February 2013

How to avoid being scammed by movers

Nobody ever imagines that he or she will be the victim of a scam. Who me? No way. I’m smarter than that, I can spot a con when I see one. But there are so many scam artists out there, many of them just as smart as, and definitely less scrupulous than you are, that the odds of being stung by one are pretty good. Especially if you have to hire a moving company. Just watch the video here to get an idea of how sleazy the moving business can be. It might be the most scam-prone business there is, being almost completely unregulated. Fly-by-night operations that accept cash only, ... Read More »

We’re movin’ on up, thanks to strong equity gains, low interest rates

RE/MAX has been talking a lot about the move-up market lately. In Toronto, the real estate firm says, this segment accounted for about 20 per cent of sales last year—this was an increase of 8 per cent over the previous year—and the “product” they were buying consisted mostly of single-family homes worth $500–$700K. This activity, RE/MAX says in its latest Move-Up Buyers Report 2013, is expected to increase this year, as first-time buyers “take a back seat” to the more experienced second-timers. This move-up activity is going on all over the country, and outside it as well. In Chicago, for example, the numbers are a little different—25 per cent of ... Read More »

Gridlock: let’s have another conversation about it

Traffic congestion in Toronto is like the weather: everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it. Or to use the more trendy term favoured by politicians and activists alike, everybody “has a conversation” about it. The city has its own public consultation process called Feeling Congested? It holds public meetings at which city planners and members of the public talk about such issues as how the city should prioritize new plans for transit and how to pay for said transit. At the last one, held last Wednesday at city hall, the chief planner, Jennifer Keesmaat said, “I believe there are certain conversations we need to have as a ... Read More »

Just make it stop! What to do about noise in your condo

Have you ever been kept up at night by a noisy neighbour? Imagine what it would be like to suddenly find out that your upstairs neighbour had started running a dance studio in her apartment. Talk about the neighbour from hell. It’s almost outrageous enough to sound like a bad joke. Certainly not the kind of thing an eager young (or not so young) condo buyer would ever dream of happening. As our buyer examines the floor plans and the photos of the model suites, or, in the case of a resale property, tours the condo and ogles the views and the beauty of the layout and the finishes and ... Read More »

Tridel launches new TRIO at Atria with successful Grand Opening

TRIO at Atria from Tridel had its grand opening over the Family Day long weekend and the word is that it was a great success with “phenomenal” turnout. No surprise there, given the convenient location of the new condominium community—Sheppard Avenue just east of highway 404 and Fairview Mall, right on the new Sheppard LRT line—and given the value buyers will enjoy: one-bedroom suites start in the mid-$200s, including parking. TRIO, a 23-story tower designed by Turner Fleischer architects, is the latest addition to an existing community that includes the 43-story ALTO and 8-story Parkside, both of which are currently under construction. Designed and built as a master-planned community by ... Read More »

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