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Monthly Archives: February 2013

It’s true: the Mediterranean diet prevents heart disease

Usually as soon as we hear some newscaster or infomercial loudmouth on TV utter the words “A new study shows,” we change the channel before we even hear what it is. But this one’s different. A new study shows in a most convincing way something that until now had been known in an intuitive, anecdotal sort of way: the Mediterranean diet reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke. Eat all you want, but make sure there’s plenty of  fresh fruit and veggies, not too much red meat or dairy, a little fish, and lots and lots of olive oil. Nuts too, for extra good measure. And you can drink ... Read More »

Shop smarter, eat better; take your personal trainer to the store with you

Would you make better food choices at the supermarket if you had a personal trainer—make that a celebrity personal trainer—watching what you put in the shopping cart and helping you read the food labels as you shop? A Vancouver company called Portalife Solutions believes you would. The company had already released an iPhone app called Carrotlines, which could read barcodes on food products and tell consumers how closely that food matched their pre-set personal profile. The profile is based on 40 attributes, including things like how many calories you want to consume, whether you want vegan or organic, and whether you have any allergies. When the app reads the barcode, ... Read More »

Blizzard? What blizzard? Walking to work as usual in TO

Not to gloat, or make light of other people’s misery, but which of these scenarios better describes your situation? A. You wake up on a workday like today, check the weather outside and see that, as predicted, anywhere from 10 to 20 centimetres of slushy snow has fallen overnight. Despite their fervent prayers, however, your kids will have to go to school. The big school-closing blizzard didn’t quite materialize, and there was not enough snow to warrant a snow day. After getting the grumbling kids bundled up and ready for school, and putting on your own winter coat, scarf, gloves, hat and galoshes, you make your way gingerly down the ... Read More »

Toronto’s ultra-advanced communications network on the waterfront

Is high-speed Internet access important to you? Would you choose where to live based on having that access? Do you realize that Toronto is ranked one of the world’s “smartest” cities? It was a news item from the UK that caught our attention and got us wondering about the subject of broadband access in Toronto. The UK has relatively slow broadband rates, compared to other countries. Based on numbers from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), England’s advertised average broadband speed is 34.4 kbps. Canada’s is 52.02. The world’s fastest is found in Japan, with an average speed of 149.6 kbps. In England, a recent survey found that ... Read More »

BILD blames government for poor low-rise sales in GTA

The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) put out a statement a few weeks ago, on the election of Kathleen Wynne as premier-designate of Ontario, congratulating her and expressing their enthusiasm for working with her “to protect the interests of consumers.” BILD, the voice of the home building, land development and professional renovation industry in the GTA, said it looked forward to discussing with Premier Wynne issues such as wood-frame construction, a “fair and adequate strategy for transit funding,” and other “economic imperatives” facing the province. That all sounded pretty innocuous, but the real message to Wynne comes at the end of BILD’s congratulatory release. After reminding the new ... Read More »

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