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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: January 2013

Toronto’s economy tops in 2012, but could slow in 2013

300 Front Street West from Tridel. Residential construction was a big factor in Toronto’s economic performance through 2012. Toronto’s strength really is its diversity. This is the conclusion given in the CIBC’s latest “Economic Snapshot” of the economic performance of twenty-five Canadian cities. Toronto came out ahead of the pack because of “the multi-channel nature of Toronto’s economic engine.” This economic diversity is what has kept Toronto ahead of the national average in terms of economic recovery following the recession. Based on CIBC’s 9 macroeconomic variables, Toronto’s economy led the country in 2012. Partly responsible for Toronto’s impressive performance is the recovery in the manufacturing sector, mainly due to increasing ... Read More »

Tips for putting things away after Christmas

How did the Christmas decorating go this year? Did you find everything with no problems—the strings of lights were ready to go straight from their packing box onto the tree, the ornaments were carefully wrapped so that none broke and each had its hanger in place, everything was in easy-to-reach boxes and bags for maximum efficiency? You didn’t have to search for anything, nothing disappeared altogether? The collapsible tree was as fresh and bright as it was last year? One practical, space-saving solution for storing gift wrap: Look here for more ideas about organizing stuff.   Even if it didn’t happen quite that way, it could. Putting away the Christmas decorations ... Read More »

Gravy is gone, Toronto Land Transfer Tax remains

Several petitions like this one have been set up by realtors to give home buyers a voice regarding the Land Transfer Tax in Toronto.  The United States managed to skid to a stop at the edge of its fiscal cliff, with Congress voting to pass a piece of emergency legislation that puts off until another day the real debate about the country’s finances. The Republicans, who oppose taxes on principle, went along, but they won’t be so agreeable next time, they promise. To them, the correct way to bring the deficit under control is to cut spending, period. Meanwhile, in Toronto, where cutting spending, aka stopping the “gravy train,” has ... Read More »

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