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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Link transit and employment to solve GTA commuting mess: report

Trio at Atria, coming from Tridel, offers commuters the ultimate convenience, built right on the proposed new Sheppard Avenue LRT line (shown in rendering). If you live and work in downtown Toronto, chances are you walk or bike to work. This makes you a happy worker, enjoying a positive, health-enhancing small-town benefit in a big-city environment. Perhaps as you walk or bike to work you spare a thought for those poor fellow citizens who do not have this advantage, who are, in fact, sitting anxiously in a car on a highway somewhere, kilometres from home, heading for work at a place they can’t reach by any other means than driving, ... Read More »

Pricing/availability updates from Tridel

Ten York Signature Collection floor plans for floors 63–67 are now available for viewing online. Luxury condo living high above Toronto. One Old Mill  Signature Collection prices have been updated for Penthouse 4 terrace, Penthouse 7 and Grand Penthouse 7 terrace. Blythwood at Huntington  The last 2R suite design with 10-foot ceilings is now available on the penthouse level.   Two Old Mill Penthouse and Grand Penthouse prices have been updated.   Read More »

Nissan slashing cost of its all-electric LEAF

Nissan LEAF S for 2013. Now made in the US, the electric car will cost $6,000 less than last year’s model. There’s good news out of Detroit for drivers who would like to switch to an electric car but don’t want to pay the premium cost. Nissan announced at a press conference at the North American International Auto Show that it will lower the price of the 2013 LEAF by $6,000 compared to last year’s model. The entry-level model of the all-electric car, the LEAF S, will now be $28,800 in the US. That’s still a hefty price for many, but in the US, with the various federal and state ... Read More »

Housing market little changed in December: CREA

The Canadian real estate market for the month of December, in a nutshell: prices were up a little, sales were down a little. That is the gist of the latest report on the market from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), headed “Canadian home sales little changed in December.” According to CREA, national home sales activity was in line with levels seen in August when the first signs of a cooling off were seen, following federal government’s latest intervention in the market. Specifically, the number of home sales in Canada was down 0.5 per cent in December compared to November. However, in “just over half” of all local markets, CREA ... Read More »

Return your unused pharmaceuticals to the pharmacy

As of January 1, Ontarians can return unused and expired prescription and over-the-counter drugs to their pharmacy for disposal, keeping them out of the water supply and out of reach of children, pets and wildlife. Cleaning out a cupboard or closet can be very therapeutic. There’s something undeniably satisfying about tossing old things, freeing up space, saying goodbye to the past. Getting rid of moldy old jars at the back of the fridge is one thing, though; disposing of expired medications is another. Why can’t I just dump the old drugs and personal care products down the drain? According to the Health Canada site concerning medications, there has been a ... Read More »

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