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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Toronto toll roads and user fees recommended in new report

We all agree the traffic situation in Toronto is terrible and getting worse. Money is urgently needed, lots of money, just to maintain what we already have, never mind improving. At stake is more than the frayed nerves of millions of commuters, though that is no small problem in itself. The greater problem, as identified by a new report, is that the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) will lose its position as the economic powerhouse of Canada unless we solve the problem of congestion and gridlock by investing in roads and public transit. Urgently needed is $50 billion for planned projects in the GTHA, with more needed to operate ... Read More »

Have lawyer check condo status certificate

A truly horrific cautionary tale comes from a South Carolina condominium community called Collins Crossing, where owners, who are described as “working class,” were slapped with a special assessment for $5,400 each. They were given just three weeks to come up with the cash or face the consequences. That could mean losing their homes for many of them, after a legal process involving the registering of liens on the properties and a lot of unpleasantness. How could this happen? Simple: the buildings in the complex had been allowed to deteriorate for years. The residents didn’t want to, or couldn’t, pay to keep the place in good repair. Now the group ... Read More »

Toronto shortlisted for world’s most intelligent community

Not to be smug about it, but it’s no big surprise that Toronto has been named one of the world’s most intelligent cities, based on innovative use of information and communications technology. The body that so designates cities like ours is the Intelligent Communities Forum *ICF). Later in the year they will select the overall winner—the world’s most intelligent community—from the short list of seven. Stratford, Ontario is one of the seven as well. It’s always interesting to see how others see us. The ICF describes Toronto as “one of the world’s most successful places” but a place that is “challenged to maintain its edge.” By that they are referring ... Read More »

designboom mart debuts at Toronto Interior Design show

Rummage sale meets high design? Something like that. A “curated pop-up mart that offers high-profile design in a familiar street market setting” is the more formal description. It is designboom mart, and it is on at the Toronto Interior Design Show (IDS13), the first time it’s come to Canada. It’s where you can see and buy work—“design souvenirs” as the designboom video calls them—created by emerging designers from all over the world. The design objects, which include household items like clocks and corkscrews, jewellery, accessories, and small furniture are priced from $1 to $100. What’s cool about a design bazaar like this is that you could get to meet the designer ... Read More »

Top 5 tips to reduce stubborn body fat

Every year at this time, many of us are just getting back into the regular routine of eating healthy and doing regular exercise.  It is said that the Christmas holidays can pack on an average of 5 pounds for more than 60 per cent of North Americans. Fortunately, there is a quick way to restore our body and health for a healthy 2013.  As a personal trainer and in home condo trainer for 10 years, I have compiled my 5 favourite tips for slashing stubborn body fat. Recommended reading from personal trainer Mike Trangreda. The 5 BEST tips to slash stubborn body fat. 1. Cut out wheat  As a personal trainer ... Read More »

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