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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: December 2012

Condos where green space is a given, from Tridel

View of the community park at Metrogate from Tridel. Metrogate was one of the first LEED Silver certified developments in Scarborough. Space is a valuable commodity, nowhere more so than in a high-density urban area like Toronto. Space is so valuable that public schools are considering selling some of theirs to developers, to generate much-needed cash. The land that the schools are looking at selling would be portions of their schoolyards, provided it can be shown to be feasible to do so. Not many schools, one imagines, would want to give up their play area to see it replaced by an office tower. And once land is gone, there’s no ... Read More »

One Day on Earth tells the world’s story from our point of view: 12.12.12

The one community to which all of us belong, no matter where we live, what we believe or who we are, is the planet Earth. There’s only one like it, and we’re on it. And tomorrow, 12/12/12, is the day when everyone in this vast but inter-connected community is invited to participate in telling a little bit about ourselves. It’s time for “One Day on Earth,” 2012 edition. We are invited to join the international community of “thousands of filmmakers, hundreds of schools and dozens of non-profits” to help make up the unique “global mosaic. To participate, just sign up and then document whatever in your own life inspires you ... Read More »

Local company poised to make North America’s cheapest biofuels

No corn here: using forest waste and other forms of wood and paper as feedstock removes food from the biomass-to-ethanol process. Local company could “revolutionize” the cleantech energy sector according to MaRS investor.  A GTA company could be about to show the world how it’s done when it comes to making biofuels from non-food sources. And they plan to do it profitably, without any form of government subsidy. The company is Woodland Biofuels, located in Mississauga. It produces cellulosic ethanol from wood chips and other types of biomass. The process, which is proprietary to Woodland, converts forestry and agricultural waste into fuel. According to Tom Rand, a director of the ... Read More »

Christmas season can be a good time to sell your home

Fewer listings at this time of year, and buyers who tend to be highly motivated make Christmas season a good time to list your home for sale, realtors say. It could be that buying or selling a home is the last thing on your mind at this time of year. But if you are in the position of selling and wonder whether you should call things off until after Christmas blows over, there are good reasons, according to experts, to leave your house on active listing right through the Christmas season. First of all, you could give yourself a competitive advantage simply because there are traditionally fewer homes listed at ... Read More »

Housing starts levelling off as 2012 comes to an end

Housing construction is expected to return to more “reasonable” levels in 2013 after several years of record-breaking growth. Housing starts data for the month of November released today by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation confirm what economists have been forecasting, that the housing market is leveling off. Based on CMHC’s six-month moving average calculation of trending starts, the number was 214,680. The standalone monthly seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) for November, based on actual starts of 17.646, was 196,125. This was down from October’s 203,487. It was the third consecutive month of lower starts. The drop, which was expected, was mainly due to declines in single-detached and multi-unit construction in ... Read More »

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