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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: December 2012

Flowering gifts for Christmas

It’s not cool to give pets for Christmas, unless you’re sure the intended owner wants the pet, knows how and is prepared to take good care of it. But you can still give something living and beautiful, something that needs care and (some would say) affection: give a plant! It’s probably a good idea to give plants only to other plant lovers, someone who will appreciate it and take care of it, thinking of you as they do. Traditional poinsettia is as much a part pf Christmas decor as the tree itself. A reliable choice for a gift of a plant. Poinsettias are probably the one plant everyone thinks of ... Read More »

Condo apartments in demand by renters: vacancy rates low in Toronto

Vacancy rates are even lower for condo rentals in Toronto at 1.2 per cent than for regular apartments, despite the fact that condo units command 30–40 per cent higher rents. The vacancy rate in the Toronto rental market was up a little this fall, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s fall rental report. Up a little but still low, at just 1.7 per cent. Of the apartments that are available, a large portion (22.6 per cent), is in the form of condos. The vacancy rate among condo apartments in Toronto was just 1.2 per cent in October 2012, CMHC reports. Condo construction has outstripped rental apartment construction quite significantly ... Read More »

A few Christmas tree options for the space challenged

  Have you considered a stick-on Christmas tree?  The perfect solution for the space-challenged Christmas. Is your idea of the perfect Christmas scene that of a big, beautifully decorated tree, filling the air with the lovely scent of pine, and piles of brightly wrapped and bowed gifts spilling out from under it? If so, you are among the many who wouldn’t dream of a Christmas, white or otherwise, without that big old tree. But what if you can’t have one where you live because of safety issues? What if you don’t have the space for it? Wall Christmas tree made from twine strung with cutout ornaments. Imagination. Fear not, and use your ... Read More »

Presto: another great idea gone wrong

Presto is supposed to do for Toronto transit riders what similar systems do in London, Madrid, Hong Kong, Tokyo and many other cities. Except that we can’t seem to get it right. Why is it that some of the best ideas, the ones that are supposed to simplify things, invariably end up being so difficult, and costly, to implement? The concept of a fare card that transit riders can use instead of old-fashioned tickets and tokens is hugely appealing. Having a single-card for all transit in the city and the region—TTC, GO, MiWay—makes  the idea even better. And when you consider that this fare card could even be your smartphone, ... Read More »

Workplace equality still eludes women: survey

The “glass ceiling” persists. Most women in Canada believe that they are not treated equally in the workplace, in terms of pay, promotions and other measures.  The real estate industry, we had (falsely) assumed, is pretty much gender neutral, in the sense that men and women can do equally well in it, all things being equal. If men and women work as hard as each other, and are as smart and able to hustle, they will do equally well. But it turns out that this isn’t necessarily true, at least not in the commercial real estate industry. A Wall Street Journal story today reveals that women are hugely under-represented at the ... Read More »

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