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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Tips to minimize security hassles for the Christmas traveller

Joys of travelling. Canada’s airport security body has tips for making the pre-boarding security check as painless as possible. You can bring the camcorders, e-readers, laptops or GPS devices with you on your flight this Christmas season, (either carry-on or checked) but your blasting caps, bullets and sabers will have to be checked. As for the Molotov cocktails and stun guns, we’re sorry, but you’ll have to leave them at home. And if plastic explosives, spiked collars or catapults are among your Christmas gifts this year, you’ll have to find some other way of getting them to their intended. Don’t bring them to the airport. And that’s final. The Canadian ... Read More »

New law says airlines must give full cost of ticket up front

Unbelievable. Does blatantly false advertising help a business? Airlines in Canada now have to do it more honestly, telling consumers the real cost of a flight up front.   Promise, large Promise, is the soul of an Advertisement . . . Such is the state of nature, that what all have the right of doing, many will attempt without sufficient care or due qualifications. Samuel Johnson Samuel Johnson, who wrote those words about the excesses of advertising in 1760 when the practice was in its infancy, was a celebrated author, wit, and bon vivant of eighteenth century London. Johnson also said that “being in a ship was being in a jail, with ... Read More »

Tip the waiter right or don’t eat out

Tip creep does not describe a person who leaves small tips when he or she dines out. Rather, it describes the inflationary process that drives the expected gratuity for service from point A to point B, then C and so on. It always rises. In Toronto people are talking about 20 per cent being the new 15 per cent. In New York City, as one might expect, they are already worried that 25 per cent could be the new 20. At least they have the sense to be annoyed about it. Whereas it used to be that 15 per cent was considered the standard for good service and 20 per cent ... Read More »

Plenty of smart fireplaces ideal for the condo

Traditional Christmas scene: there are other ways to enjoy the warmth and coziness of a fire. A friend describing the recent renovations he had made to his condo, which is in an older building in Toronto, mentioned that he had added a fireplace. “Wood burning?” we asked. “Oh, no. It’s electric” Pause. “They’re making them very realistic nowadays, you know.” The near-apologetic qualifier wasn’t necessary, but he felt he had to add it, in case we might have thought he had bought one of those old models, the ones that consisted of a black metal box full of plastic red coals and a light that flickered underneath. You placed it ... Read More »

Canadian Real Estate Market In 2013

2012 In spite of many skeptical professionals who predicted a significant downturn on the Canadian real estate market and Jim Flaherty’s fear of a housing bubble, this year hasn’t brought anything special. The situation is quite stable and the Minister of Finance is satisfied with the results of his efforts, which can be seen in the two biggest markets, in Vancouver and Toronto. According to the last statistics released by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), there wasn’t a significant change in the Canadian market in October, as far as the sales and average prices are concerned.The MLS® Systems of Canadian Real Estate Boards and Associations recorded home sales reaching ... Read More »

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