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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: October 2012

Floating wood floors: an easy way to enjoy the beauty of hardwood

Floating wood flooring looks just like traditional hardwood, but can be installed much more easily. It also has sound-damping qualities because it is not nailed to the sub flooring. Some condo buildings, especially older ones, regulate the kinds of flooring that are allowed in units. It’s not uncommon for a condo board, for example, to forbid the use of hardwood flooring, the issue being noise. We have heard of condo owners who installed hardwood, contrary to the rules of their condo association, and were subsequently forced by their board to remove it when a downstairs neighbour complained of the noise. If you live in a building with such restrictions, but ... Read More »

Lawyer argues for condo classification system to prevent decline of buildings

A classification system for condos would benefit owners, developers and purchasers in the resale market, according to lawyer who specializes in condo law. The concept of classifying establishments like hotels, resorts, restaurants and recreational facilities such as golf courses, is familiar, and acceptable, to most people. While we might not be able to enunciate the differences between one class of hotel and another, given the choice of spending our holiday at a one- or two-star hotel in the core of a city, or at a five-star beachfront place, we all know which one we’d choose. Assuming we could afford it, of course. The star system for rating hotels and restaurants ... Read More »

A good time to invest in commercial real estate: BMO

Healthy banks, prudent investing and low vacancy rates make this a good time to invest in Canadian commercial real estate, according to BMO Economics. Investors will find good opportunities in Canada’s commercial real estate sector, according to a BMO Economics report released today. It cites the “continued strength” of the real estate industry in general, as well as low interest rates, limited supply, low vacancy rates and “robust corporate performance” as factors that make commercial real estate attractive to investors. “After a severe and protracted market downturn in the 1990s, the commercial real estate industry in Canada has been characterized by cautious development and prudent lending practices,” said Earl Sweet, ... Read More »

Traditional jobs still offer best opportunities for women: poll

The power of O. Women dominate in the entertainment industry, but in the “real” world, traditional career paths like health care and education remain most hospitable for women. Women are disproportionately represented in management.  A new poll of women in executive positions tends to reinforce the stereotype that women’s role is that of caregiver or counselor. Barring success in those fields, the best way for a woman to become powerful is to become a mega-star like Oprah Winfrey. The best opportunities for women, according to the Ipsos Reid poll of 500 female executives, are still in the “traditional” fields of health care, education, the not-for-profit sector, financial services and hospitality. ... Read More »

Higher rates if necessary, but not necessarily higher rates: Carney

Carney has repeatedly warned against household indebtedness in Canada and said again that the Bank of Canada would do whatever it had to to keep inflation under the 2 per cent target rate. Is a declaration of intended clarity the same as a declaration of intent? We will have to wait and see. On the day when Statistics Canada reported that Canadians’ household indebtedness had risen to record high levels, Mark Carney said he would tell Canadians in no uncertain terms if the central bank saw fit to “lean against” that household debt by raising interest rates. The debt now sits at 163 per cent of disposable income. Carney linked ... Read More »

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