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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: October 2012

US gov’t sues Bank of America over subprime mortgage fiasco

The Bank of America has been under siege for its role in the financial crisis of 2008. The latest is a suit brought by the US Justice Department for $1 billion, alleging “spectacularly brazen” fraud in the bank’s subprime mortgage practices.  When a person applies for a mortgage in Canada, he or she is required to provide a certain amount of personal financial information for the lender to use in deciding whether to approve the mortgage or not. Among that information is the name and address of the applicant’s employer, the applicant’s income and the sources of that income (usually banks require pay stubs, a letter from the employer, bank ... Read More »

IKEA sets 2020 goal for "energy and resource independence"

Cover image from IKEA’s sustainability manifesto, People & Planet Positive. The company gives itself until 2020 to become energy and resource independent. It will also nearly double its revenues by that time.  You have to hand it to them; they do things big at IKEA, and we aren’t just talking about those acre-covering stores. The company expects to almost double its revenue by 2020, increasing it by 85 per cent, as well as doubling the number of customers who stroll the endless aisles of its stores. In dollar terms, this will translate to about $65.3 billion in annual revenue for the furniture giant from Sweden. To accomplish this, the company ... Read More »

Toronto Waterfront named to Smart Communities of the Year

Another honour for Toronto, this time from the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) which has named our waterfront as one of the 21 Smart Communities of the Year. Inclusion on this list recognizes communities for using broadband and information technology to create “prosperity and inclusion” to attract businesses, generate economic growth and improve the delivery of government services. This year’s focus, according to a release, is on the relationship between employment and innovation. The waterfront community is also a semifinalist for the 2013 Intelligent Community of the Year award. Waterfront Toronto’s Intelligent Community strategy includes partnering with Beanfield Metroconnect to create “Canada’s first open-access ultra-high–speed broadband community network. The new communities ... Read More »

Clean the air by wearing jeans: new laundry additive has big potential

Field of Jeans, an art installation designed to draw attention to the idea that everybody can make a difference to the environment, purifying the air just by the clothes we wear. There are more pairs of jeans on the earth than there are humans.  Most of the familiar ways to reduce air pollution require that we make conscious, deliberate choices about our lifestyle, and make them repeatedly: conserve energy by turning off appliances and lights; recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminum cans; plant trees; buy “green” products and green-produced energy, such as solar or wind powered electricity. The effects of these choices in reducing greenhouse emissions and helping clean up ... Read More »

World’s thinnest house opens in Warsaw

We’ve talked about a lot of small living spaces here at, but this one takes it to a whole new level. This is a four-story home, with all the usual features—kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedroom—in a structure that is, at its widest point, just over five feet. At its narrowest it is just three feet. That’s about the width of the door. The building is quite literally squeezed between two other buildings. It’s difficult to imagine how they actually built it in such cramped space. But the final result for this architect-designed building in Warsaw, Poland, now has the title of the world’s thinnest building. It has translucent walls ... Read More »

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