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Saturday , 25 March 2017

Monthly Archives: October 2012

Jann Arden helps launch party fund-raiser plan for women’s shelters

Jann Arden hosted the first Hosting for Hope party last week to kick off the campaign, which lets participants turn every party and get-together into a fund-raiser for women’s shelters. As we enter the Christmas season, we can look forward to many requests for help from various charitable organizations. One such organization that seems to have found a rather painless way for people to give is the Canadian Women’s Foundation. This group, which has been working since 1991 to help women and girls escape violence and poverty, has teamed with HomeSense in creating a novel way to raise money this season. All you do is host a party or get-together ... Read More »

Home inspections are for condos, too

Homebuyers might think that newer buildings like condominiums don’t need an inspection, but experts say don’t buy without one. Canada’s most trusted home guy, Mike Holmes, sounds like he’s paraphrasing the old American Express tagline when he says, “Don’t buy the house without it,” but the “it” he’s talking about is a home inspection. Speaking to the Vancouver Sun, Holmes pooh-poohs those real estate agents who try to hustle clients past the home inspection so they’ll close the sale faster. “How many times do I see a real estate clipping that says, ‘All new electrical, totally renovated, just gorgeous, move-in ready.’ Meanwhile, did (the real estate agent) even check to ... Read More »

Homeowners’ children do better in school than renters’: study

New study finds that homeownership “in and of itself” is good for children in terms of how likely they are to drop out of school. Children of renters do less well. Do children who live in homes that are owned by their parents do better in school than children who live in rented accommodations? It’s a question that has raised a lot of interest over the past fifteen or so years and many studies have been done. The latest study on the subject finds that yes, homeownership “in and of itself, predicts positive outcomes for children.” This study was done by three professors at the University of California. It was ... Read More »

Urban Umbrellas will debut at Ryerson on Yonge Street

More Gothic cathedral than scaffold: Urban Umbrella is the first alternative to the sidewalk shed in 50 years, say its inventors, one of whom is a Sarnia, Ontario native. It won a New York City design competition two years ago. A product that won a New York City design contest is making its first appearance in Toronto this week at the construction site of Ryerson’s new student learning building at Yonge and Gould. Urban Umbrella is a concept which, like all good ideas, is simple and has an inevitability about it. The kind of thing that makes you ask, “What did we do before we had this?” What is it? ... Read More »

Find professional renovators on new BILD website

Building Industry and Land Development Association website has searchable database of home renovators across Canada. They promise a worry-free renovation. A young couple bought an apartment in an older condo, knowing that they would want to make some changes before they lived in it: the broadloom would have to go; the bathroom needed a complete makeover; the kitchen was tired. They met with a highly recommended interior designer, who brought along a home renovator, and together came up with a detailed plan. Every detail was considered, a budget was agreed to and signed off, and a timeline was established. The couple made the agreed upon deposit on the work, ... Read More »

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