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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: August 2012

Judge stops short of ultimate punishment for woman who assaulted condo neighbours

To some observers, it might seem a cut and dried case: a woman assaulted several of her neighbours, both verbally and physically and made threats against them in the most offensive language. The aggressive behaviour went on for a long period of time and the woman showed no remorse. That woman, obviously, should be held accountable and punished in the strongest way possible. But in matters of law, it is not always as clear cut as it might appear, and because the woman in question was a resident of a condominium, and a member of that condominium’s board of directors, the case had to be decided within the context of ... Read More »

Mississauga man loves living in Marilyn condos

Member post by Usama Ahmed The Marilyn Monroe condos: the place I call home I live in Mississauga, Ontario, and it has been a place close to my heart. Living in a condominium in this remarkable locale has been an enthralling experience from day one. The uniquely named Marilyn Monroe condos are situated in the heart of Mississauga. Known for their curvy exterior, these condos are a sight to behold both from the outside and inside. The view of the lake is an added advantage for those wishing to see something beautiful when they step out onto their balcony. Purchasing a condominium here in the Marilyn Monroe condos has been ... Read More »

Texas woman finds great deals at local garage and rummage sales

Member post by Cheryl Brown Decorating on a shoestring When I first rented my apartment in Bridge City, Texas, I didn’t have much at all to go in it as far as furnishings and decorative items. Not making a good enough wage to just go out and purchase all new items, I scoured the city and its surrounding areas for yard sales, garage sales and rummage sales. When Wednesday rolled around, I started checking the internet for sales that were scheduled. While looking for garage sales in the newspaper, I found an ad for a couch and love seat for $50. I figured it must be in pretty rough shape ... Read More »

Children raised in city condo grow up faster, mother finds

Member post by Pauline Gerald Raising kids in a condo A condominium may not be the best place to raise a family, but it helps meet a lot of goals. Many people are afraid of raising their kids in a shared environment, and prefer buying their own homes when the right time presents itself. However, if you are a career person and enjoy giving your kids the high lifestyle of the city, then you need to search for a good condominium. I have been in a condo since I graduated from college, from the time I was searching for employment and life cannot get better than it is here. All ... Read More »

Alabama woman found the right condo was not the penthouse after all

Member post by Olive Thabo How I found the perfect condo I have lived in Huntsville, Alabama all my life. I went to high school there and proceeded to Strayer University for my Bachelor’s degree. When I got my first job as an editor, I had to move to Madison. It is not far from Huntsville but the daily commuting made me decide to look for a condominium for rent. Well, it was not a simple journey but after months of searching, I landed the perfect condo. Here, is what I learned from the whole condo hunting experience. To start with, getting the perfect condo is not easy. As a ... Read More »

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