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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: August 2012

Condos remain most affordable housing option in Canada

Living/dining area (rendering) at West Village from Tridel. Units start at $277,500. A new report from the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), indicates that it became a little less affordable for Canadians to own a bungalow or a two-storey detached home in the second quarter of this year, but the affordability of condominiums remained unchanged. Citing “modest” increases in home prices and mortgage rates, the RBC report, Housing Trends and Affordability: August 2012, finds that affordability edged down for its “standard” bungalow and two-storey detached home, but remained steady for condominiums across the country. “Market conditions remained fairly balanced across the country in the second quarter, laying the groundwork for ... Read More »

Tips to protect your children (and yourself) from computer vision syndrome

Eyestrain, headaches and permanent damage can result from overexposure to computers, especially for children.  More and more people, including children, are developing problems with their eyes as a result of spending long periods of time in front of computers. Children who use computers before their visual systems are fully developed are increasingly showing symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS)l. In the United States, 94 per cent of families with children have computers and Internet access. As of 2009, children between the ages of eight and eighteen spent an average of 7.39 hours per day with “entertainment media,” i.e., computers and video games. One of the dangers pediatric eye doctors fear ... Read More »

Fan Expo Canada: not just for nerds

Cool. Fan Expo Canada, on through this Sunday at Metro Toronto Convention Centre celebrates pop culture. Nerds are cool. Don’t think of them as awkward misfits who spend all their time in their dungeon-décor rooms playing video games, reading comic books and teaching themselves the language of the elves. They do those things, but they also come out for one of the biggest pop culture events anywhere, on now at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. And they have a lot of fun. You can too, at Fan Expo Canada, which runs until this Sunday. As we seem to be obsessed with size and statistics in Toronto, we point out that ... Read More »

Young buyers and immigrants will keep housing market sound in coming decade: CIBC

Signature suite (rendering) at Tridel’s 300 Front Street, now under construction. Several suite models have sold out. Demand for housing in Canada over the next decade will be roughly equal to the demand experienced in the past decade, according to an economist at CIBC, Benjamin Tal. Tal looks at the data and concludes that the market will be driven by Canadians between the ages of 25 and 34, a demographic that accounts for the “vast majority” of first-time home buyers, and a population group that is projected to experience strong growth. Tal’s analysis mostly debunks the idea that an aging population and an oversupply of housing will contribute to a ... Read More »

Practical Feng Shui tips for every day

A clean slate. Decorating with Feng Shui principles in mind means creating a bright, uncluttered space where positive energy can flow and obstacles are removed. Whatever you might think of the concepts behind the ancient practice of Feng Shui, there are sound, rational principles at work. Feng Shui emphasizes harmony and the free flow of energy in a living space, and this has real value in the real world. If you want proof, just observe someone who has a cramped, cluttered, poorly lit, chaotically organized office or apartment where it’s difficult to find things, and a lot of time and energy are wasted searching. A home or office designed with ... Read More »

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