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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: June 2012

How to save for a down payment on a home

Kitchen at Parc Nuvo from Tridel. Condominiums remain the most affordable option for homeownership in the GTA. Getting a foot on the ladder of the real estate market can seem impossible when you’re faced with the prospect of coming up with an appropriate down payment to purchase a home. We hear it all the time: you’re better off paying a mortgage to own an asset that will appreciate over time, than paying rent to someone else, for which you end up with nothing. But at today’s prices, with the average cost of a home in Toronto now at more than $500,000, you’d need to come up with 100 grand for ... Read More »

World’s wealth dropped last year, but don’t tell Gen Ys in Canada

Global wealth declined last year, but Gen Ys in Canada are spending more than ever on luxury fashion, travel and dining, according to American Express. Two thousand Canadians fell off the chart that records a country’s High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) last year, as the world’s wealthiest lost out to market volatility and political uncertainty, but Canadian consumers’ appetite for luxury has grown, especially among the young. All over the world, the rich got poorer. Market volatility, the result of Eurozone jitters, was the main reason. The total wealth of the world’s HNWIs fell $0.7 trillion last year: that’s $700,000,000,000. Oddly, the only area of the world where the number ... Read More »

My own little Utopia in Orlando

Disney Land Condos are the Best Oliver VanDeroort Orlando, Florida can be a really fun town to spend some time in for a variety of reasons. One of the many reasons that people want to hang out there is because it is within shouting distance of Disney Land and even when you aren’t on the premises of the legendary amusement park you can still feel as though you are holding that magical land in your heart. My condominium was actually located in a suburb of Orlando known as Kissimmee and it was here that I lived for several years simply soaking in the Florida sun and enjoying everything that life ... Read More »

Housing sales to mid-June same as last year

Two Old Mill from Tridel. Construction is to about to begin on this Bloor Street West classic. Condos remain the most affordable housing option in Toronto. Sales activity for the first half of June in the GTA real estate market was virtually the same as in the same period last year, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board’s mid-month report. In the first 14 days of this month, TREB reports 4,597 sales. While the sales  numbers were flat on a year-over-year basis, the number of new listings entered into the Toronto MLS system was up by 16 per cent to 8,382. Once again, sales activity was higher outside the City ... Read More »

House plants add beauty to your home, and they clean the air.

Plants help keep the air clean, and they look great. Don’t forget plants when you’re decorating. A BBC series (How to Grow a Planet) about the evolution of plants on earth puts the amiable Scottish host, a professor Iain Stewart, in many dramatic situations. None was more revealing of our utter dependence on plants than an experiment Stewart participated in. He was shut up in an smallish airtight greenhouse containing just 12 cubic metres of space, with no source of oxygen except what was produced by the plants inside. He remained in the chamber for 48 hours, the level of oxygen, and his own vital signs, being monitored at all ... Read More »

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