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Sunday , 26 March 2017

Monthly Archives: June 2012

Watch for spike in home sales before new mortgage regulations on July 9

More than 40 per cent of the mortgages in Canada in the last two years had 30-year amortization. The government has done away with that option now, in an effort to control the housing market.  It’s rare to see such unanimity in praise of a government policy as has attended the minister of finance’s announced new regulations of the mortgage industry in Canada. Jim Flaherty has done away with the 30-year amortization period for mortgages, and all the banks have said they think it’s a great idea. So does Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of Canada, who was consulted about the move. It’s the fourth time in as ... Read More »

Smart little people mover could be car of the future

Would you drive one of these? “Eggasus” is a “flashy, single-passenger vehicle with zero emissions and an eye-catching” design. It’s competing for Most Innovative Product of the Year in California contest.  A California company designed this little single-passenger vehicle—really not much more than an enclosed electric go-cart—for use in dense urban areas and for “intra-campus transportation.” It also works as a mobile advertising billboard. The Eggasus is a finalist in a California competition to find the Most Innovative Product of the Year. The creators of Eggasus call it a “flashy, single-passenger vehicle with zero emissions and an eye-catching, out-of-this-world design.” It’s a “paradigm shift” for transportation, they say. It has ... Read More »

More office development coming as companies follow employees downtown

Ten York from Tridel, seen in this rendering (centre building with darker exterior) is one of condominium developments that’s drawing workers into the downtown core and driving new commercial construction in the city core.    The influx of young condo owners in the downtown core is helping to drive a mini-boom in construction of commercial space. According to the Toronto Star there are currently six office buildings under development in the core, including the Bay Adelaide Centre East. A growing number of companies are planning to remain in, or move to, the downtown core. Some of those companies include Telus, which relocated workers from several buildings throughout the GTA to its ... Read More »

If accidents are preventable, why do they happen?

Strength in numbers. According to Smeed’s Law, the more cyclists there are on the roads, the fewer accidents occur. This could be our best hope for reducing cyclist-motorist accidents in Toronto. The coroner’s report into cycling deaths in Ontario between 2006 and 2010 states unequivocally that every one of the deaths was preventable. Though the deaths are classified as “accidental,” the report points out that the term is used to distinguish the deaths from the other forms of death recognized in law: natural, suicide, homicide, and undetermined. As all “accidents” are predictable, the report states, they are therefore preventable. The report goes on to make recommendations for improving cycling safety, ... Read More »

California dreamin’

Saving Up For My Dream Condo   Judee Kimberly Rallos We all have our own dream houses: two floors, wide front yard, a huge living room, relaxed bedroom and a two-car garage. It’s my dream too, but before I get to that, modern day living and a tight budget has convinced me that the best purchase with the lifestyle I have now would be a condominium. I live in Santa Monica, and the one I’ve been eyeing is just a few blocks from where I work. That, plus it being in the city making it accessible to just about everything else, has lured me to save up so I can ... Read More »

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