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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Never too late to think of the future

  Building your best financial future at every age Your twenties are a very exciting time of life financially. For example, perhaps you’ve graduated without any debts because you decided to remain living in your parent’s home. Now you’ve got a couple part-time jobs and you’re looking to rent a place with a friend. Or maybe you have a lot of school debt, but you lucked out on a high-paying job and you rent a very expensive condo alone. For the first time, you’re in charge of your financial decisions and that can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s easier to relax your discipline. But then this can lead to bad habits ... Read More »

Summer is time for kids to learn about the value of a buck

Children need to be prepared to be prudent consumers, says BMO on its new website. Summer holidays are a good time to have “the money talk.” It’s the first day of summer holidays and the kids are as excited as colts. The long, golden summer stretches ahead of them with endless possibilities of adventure, fun and—learning about the value of money? BMO thinks it’s important to get future banking customers started early, so it has created a website just for kids, though it’s called SmartSteps for Parents. It’s designed to answer those universal questions that trouble children everywhere, from their earliest self-reflective moments. Questions like, “Where does money come from?” ... Read More »

What happens to condo owners who don’t pay their fees?

Delinquent condo owners in Ontario can expect to have a lien registered against their home after three months of non-payment of monthly fees. Shaming is (probably) not allowed as it could be considered harassment. Imagine that you live in an upscale condo somewhere in the city and you come home from work one evening to find your name posted on a bulletin board in the lobby. Or that the concierge gives you the cold shoulder as you pass him in the lobby, refusing to look up and give you the customary “Good evening, sir.” Or that you change from your work clothes and go down to the building’s fitness room ... Read More »

Toronto market still hot as new mortgage regulations pend

101 Erskine from Tridel. Condominiums, which have received most of the attention in the media in discussions of Toronto’s hot housing market, are the most affordable option for new homebuyers.  Measured by the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) Home Price Index (HPI), price gains in Canada’s main housing markets have been moderating since the end of last year. On a year-over-year basis, the HPI rose 5.2 per cent for the five markets included (Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and Fraser Valley). The greatest increase for the period from April to May 2012, was seen in Toronto, where the HPI rose 7.9 per cent. Price gains were seen in all categories of ... Read More »

Condo living suits this retiree

My Condominium is a Great Place to Retire by Joanne Ott, member Are you considering a condominium for retirement? It can be a very wise decision for a few reasons, as I will explain. When searching for a condo to purchase, there were a few things that were important to me. Of course, the cost was most important. I only looked at condos in my price range as there was no point in wasting time on places I couldn’t afford. I wanted a two-bedroom, two-bathroom place, so it would be suitable for out of town company. It also provides enough space. Although most people downsize considerably when they sell a ... Read More »

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