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Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Monthly Archives: May 2012

Composting made easy for condo dwellers, with or without worms

This smart-looking little apartment-sized composter from Nature Mill gets high marks for performance and style.  With the gardening season well under way, the subject of composting naturally comes up. All gardeners know the value of nutrient-rich compost, and serious backyard gardeners usually keep an active compost pile going. Out go the table scraps, the egg shells, coffee grinds, orange peels, rejected lettuce leaves and other organic stuff, and what you get in return is gorgeous, black soil for growing more food and flowers. But even if you aren’t into gardening, composting is a great way to keep stuff out of landfill. You can always give the compost to friends who ... Read More »

Canadian founder of TreeHugger, Graham Hill, is at forefront of smaller living movement

Not everyone thinks that living small is bad. A growing number of urban eco-idealists are seriously re-thinking the space they live in, and one of the most prominent of these is Canadian Graham Hill, the founder of TreeHugger. Hill, an architect by training, is also the inventor and main proponent of LifeEdited, a philosophy of living in which all but the essentials is stripped out of one’s personal environment. One of its objectives is to get back to basics, surround oneself with only those possessions that truly matter, and have less to worry about. It’s an approach to living that’s almost monastic in its simplicity, and Hill has just finished applying ... Read More »

Advice from Canadian Cancer Society about the right sunscreen for you and your kids

Whether justified or not, that strangely dark-tanned woman from New Jersey, the one who allegedly had her five-year-old daughter hopping into the tanning beds at her favourite tanning salon, has become the weirdly pathetic poster mom of bad parenting, at least when it comes to UV rays. The Canadian Cancer Society warns us again to be careful in the sun. Specialists in the field of sun protection advise that the delicate skin of babies and young children can be more vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays. Unprotected exposure is a concern to all parents, especially when their little ones discover that the true adventures of summer are all outdoors. The ... Read More »

As Toronto housing market continues to bustle, Canadians look south for additional properties

The presentation centre at Tridel’s One Old Mill. Condos remain the most affordable housing option in Toronto. Once again, sales of real estate in the Toronto market in the first half of May were higher than in the corresponding period one year ago. The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) reports that 5,142 transactions occurred through its MLS system during the first two weeks of May, an increase of 14.5 per cent over last year. The growth in sales was spread across all major home types, with the strongest growth, no surprise here, in the condo sector. In spite of much discussion of over-supply in the condo sector, TREB president Richard ... Read More »

Mobile payment partnership is Canada’s first

Canada’s first NFC-enabled mobile payment system was announced by CIBC and Rogers just days after Canadian banks agreed on a set of voluntary guidelines for banks and telecoms. The system lets you use your phone as a credit card.   Just days after Canada’s banks agreed on a set of new guidelines for mobile payments in this country, CIBC has taken the lead in the race to transform Canadians’ retail behaviour. CIBC today announced a partnership with Rogers that will let customers use their smartphones as credit cards. It’s the first commercially available mobile payment system of its kind in Canada, and will be limited, at least for now, to Blackberry ... Read More »

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