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Monthly Archives: May 2012

The fun—and challenges—of furnishing your new condo

Model suite at Tridel’s 300 Front Street West. Whatever size your new condo is, there are great furnishings available to make it truly your own. Part of the excitement of moving into a new condo is furnishing and decorating it, especially if it’s your first home. You most likely already have some furniture, but perhaps you’re planning to use the new home as an excuse to buy a whole new set. Whether you’re going that route or just buying what you need, experts remind us that there are certain things to keep in mind when furnishing a condo. The first thing to consider is the amount of space you have. ... Read More »

Affordability slips but does not slow housing market: RBC

Model suite at Tridel’s new 101 Erskine, coming this summer at Yonge and Eglinton. Condos remain the most affordable housing option for Canadians. Though it cost a little more to own a home in Ontario in the first quarter of this year, that fact did not slow the housing market, says RBC in its latest report on home affordability in Canada. Affordability deteriorated slightly across the country; however, this deterioration in affordability was the result of vigorous demand, according to RBC. As more buyers went after fewer properties, prices rose. Mild weather and low interest rates provided the extra stimulus to get buyers into the market, with the resulting erosion ... Read More »

What if your CO alarm goes off?

CO detectors are recommended, or mandated by law, for homes that use fuel-burning appliances such as furnaces. water heaters, fireplaces and gas ranges. Having a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm go off is unnerving. With smoke alarms, it is one of two things: a real fire or a false alarm, most likely caused by cooking, or a steamy shower. Experts tell us if the danger is real, you will see fire and smell smoke and taste the acrid air. This is when you act on your family escape plan to get out and stay out.” You leave all windows closed, so fresh oxygen doesn’t fuel the fire, and regroup outside at your predetermined meeting place. But with carbon ... Read More »

Safe Kids Week kicks off with focus on poisoning in the home

On the first day of Safe Kids Week 2012, Safe Kids Canada tells us that poisoning is a leading cause of death and injury among children. Half of all accidental poisonings occur among kids under the age of five. About seven children under the age of 14 die every year from poisoning, and 1,700 are hospitalized for poison-caused injuries. Considering that 160,000 calls are made every year to poison centres in Canada, these death and injury statistics are relatively small. But tragic nonetheless. What should parents do to prevent this tragedy from happening to their children? The answer is simple to state—keep the poison away from the children—but apparently it’s ... Read More »

Take the pledge and Bike to Work this Monday

Monday, May 28, is Smart Commute’s Bike to Work Day in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Organizers hope that you will skip the car and ride your bike to work, thereby doing your part to cut emissions and reduce gridlock, as well as realizing the health benefits of the more active approach to getting to work. Smart Commute is a program begun by Metrolinx, the province’s transportation agency for the region. Smart Commute’s goal is to ease gridlock, improve air quality through reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and make commuting more enjoyable and less expensive. So that you don’t feel you’re alone in pedaling to work, there are a ... Read More »

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