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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Here’s an idea … Tree Hugger founder talks about the Life Edited

In 1984 (the Orwellian year when Apple launched), a non-profit organization called TED was born. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, so its launch in the same year as Apple is fortuitous. At the first TED gathering, some of the new ideas presented to attendees included a demo of Sony’s new compact disc and some cool 3D graphics from Lucasfilm. Since that beginning, the list of famous achievers who have presented their thoughta and ideas to TED has been nothing short of stellar—Bill Gares, Frank Gehry, Jane Goodall, Al Gore, Billy Graham, Bono, to name a few. TED’s mission can be summed up in their slogan: Ideas Worth Spreading. ... Read More »

Gorgeous lofts in heart of King West are ready to view

Like a postcard: view from Tridel’s Rêve, the award-winning condo at Front and Bathurst.  In the previous post about the Toronto housing market, we pointed out that with current affordability rates, purchasing a home remains a realistic option. Yes, there are investors willing to pay top dollar for a piece of Toronto real estate, and there are good reasons for them to do so; it’s a stable, sound market and compared to other cities, like Paris or London, Toronto’s a bargain. Has anyone looked at New York City apartments lately? Don’t get us going . . . But here in Toronto you can still find something really extraordinary—and affordable—even in ... Read More »

About that million-dollar Willowdale bungalow …

Sale of this Toronto house for $1,180,000 ($421,800 above asking price) has prompted anger that “offshore” investors are squeezing Canadians out of the real estate market.  Affordability seems to be the key to understanding the real estate market in Toronto these days. The fact that an “offshore investor” bought a modest Willowdale bungalow a few days ago for $421,800 more than the asking price of $759,000—they paid $1,180,800—prompted a lot of panicky, outraged comments about “bizarre” and “outrageous” deals driving ordinary Canadians out of the real estate market. There were four other bids, all for more than a million dollars, on the same modest bungalow. Obviously, the people bidding this ... Read More »

Consumer confidence is rising, or not: pick your poll

To shop or not to shop. According to TNS consumer confidence survey, Canadians feel neutral about buying a big-ticket item right now, same as last month. By one of the latest measures of Canadians’ consumer confidence, a TNS survey conducted last week, we have “tuned out,” economy-wise, paying more attention to other matters, like robo-calls, the Syrian conflict, and the Iran-Israel situation. The overall index of consumer confidence came in at 95.2 for this month, virtually unchanged from February (95.1). The measurement was taken by TNS Canada. The TNS consumer confidence measurement includes three components. The Present Situation Index measures how we feel about the economy right now. It rose ... Read More »

Battle between Competition Bureau and TREB heats up

Scare tactics? TREB argues that the Competition Bureau would put consumers at risk by forcing the release of certain information about homes for sale online. (Screen capture from TREB video on YouTube)  Is it just an example of scare tactics used to protect their own turf, or does the Toronto Real Estate Board really have the best interests of consumers at heart? Is there a conflict here between the public’s right to information and its right to security? Is there in fact a threat to that security? Whichever it is, TREB, which represents about 32,000 real estate agents, is putting up quite a fight against Canada’s Competition Bureau, an independent ... Read More »

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