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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Why can’t they build a road that lasts?

Sometimes we think the entire road paving industry must be an elaborate worldwide scam. How else can we explain the fact that after approximately one century of building modern asphalt and cement roads for vehicular traffic, throughout the known world, they still build them to last for just ten or fifteen years (and that’s being optimistic)? After that (and it often seems to happen far more frequently than every ten or fifteen years in some places we could mention), they have to be resurfaced. At great cost to the public in taxes and lost productivity, resulting from sitting in endless lanes of non-mobile traffic on the 401, among others. Have ... Read More »

No new mortgage rules in budget, but CMHC will see more oversight

The federal budget did not impose new restrictions on mortgage loans, but promised that Canada’s main mortgage insurer, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, will be subject to enhanced oversight. The federal budget presented yesterday did not tighten mortgage lending rules, as many had feared it would, but the housing sector, specifically the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, was in Jim Flaherty’s sights. He did not give details about plans for the CMHC, speaking only of “enhancements to the governance and oversight” of the corporation, and of “legislative amendments” that will ensure its commercial activities promote the stability of the financial system. The main issue, though, is the increasing number of ... Read More »

What to do with your kids on Easter

Egg-painting workshops at Todmorden Mills are one way to have fun this Easter.  Of all the feast days in the calendar, Easter is the most interesting, with its many layers of ancient pagan and early Christian symbolism. The name Easter itself is taken from an Anglo-Saxon goddess (Eostre), and today this important date in the Christian calendar is rich with the imagery of death and rebirth, light and dark, fertility and nature’s reawakening. Even the date when we celebrate Easter is linked to the moon, adding to its mystery. Since the year 325, when Constantine was emperor of Rome, the date of Easter has been determined to be the first ... Read More »

Mood-changing lights and music make this shower a sensory experience

Aqua Sense multi-sensorial electronic shower system from Graff: the future of shower design. A new shower system from the Italian firm Graff is being called the future of shower design. If you did not think that shower design was in need of modernizing, think again. Showers as we know them are dull and boring, and they waste water. But the new Graff electronic shower system—that word system should tip you off that it’s much more than just a way to get wet—treats the simple shower as a sensual experience. The system is called Aqua Sense, and it transforms the bathroom shower into a spa. The “multi-sensorial” system’s electronic sensors control ... Read More »

Time to start thinking about Easter dinner

  Easter Dinner: What’s on Your Menu? Harriet Hodgson Ham is traditional Easter fare. I like ham, but the salt content doesn’t like me, and makes my knees ankles swell. Tempted as I am to serve ham, I’m not going to do it. When I’m planning a holiday dinner, I include a casserole I can make ahead. I also serve a dessert I can make ahead of time. Easter dinner will include bread I make from scratch or Parmesan toast made with store-bought bread. Before you decide on your Easter menu, you have to decide what kind of meal it will be. Do you want a formal dinner with good ... Read More »

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